Buy with confidence from us - notwithstanding your rights under UK law, we operate on a simple, no-quibble basis:

If you are not satisfied with goods we have supplied, simply return them undamaged for a full refund of the purchase price.

Should any component be found to be missing, damaged or faulty, we are happy to arrange the supply of a replacement part from the original manufacturer.

In addition, should you lose or damage a part of our own manufacture (e.g. Impetus, 'RooKits, 'RooBits) we will be happy to supply a replacement, though larger items may incur a small charge. We cannot normally supply individual etched parts but replacement frets can usually be supplied at a favourable price. A friendly approach will meet with a friendly response! We do occasionally make mistakes - oh yes - but if we do, we'll always put it right.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to determine whether the product is suitable for their requirements.
All products we supply will contain one or any combination of: sharp metal edges, small parts or parts with lead content and thus are not suitable for use by children under 14.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or death caused by the use of hot or sharp tools, blunt instruments, or through use of adhesives, abrasives, solvents or chemicals of any kind, whilst using products we have supplied.

We do not store information about any of our customers electronically, nor will we pass any information you supply to any third party.

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